LABCITIES provides a global directory of smart city professionals and organizations with the aim of showcasing and connecting projects from both public governments and service providers, sharing innovative ideas and promoting smart city events. We enable our members to connect, collaborate with other experts to grow the smart city knowledge and gain global visibility in a broad solution marketplace across 20 smart city domains of interest.

Infrastructure and Utilities

Transportation and parking, energy and water, waste management, smart buildings and urban planning, communications and IoT

Quality of Life

Education, art and cultural heritage, integration and social programs, travel, entertainment and sports, healthcare, people and citizens, sustainability and environment

Innovation Economy

Investment and entrepreneurs, homes and hospitality, shopping and retail, payments and finance, travel, entertainment and sports

City Governance

Government and administration, democracy and participation, security and public safety, open data and privacy, monitoring and benchmarking



The LABCITIES platform not only enables a wide range of companies to showcase and promote their products and services, it also provides networking services to find potential partners or customers for their smart city solutions, connecting vertical projects and communities around the world and allowing tens-of-thousands of smart city experts, innovators and entrepreneurs to collaborate and crowdsource new urban solutions, digital trends and business models, exchanging learnings to empower the smart city ecosystems worldwide.


We are passionate and experienced professionals committed to progress, innovation and sustainable cities empowered by technology
Marc Van Steyvoort
Marc Van Steyvoort
Co-Founder, Head of Operations and Business Development
Joan Torres
Joan Torres
Co-Founder, Head of Technology and Product Development


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