LABCITIES updates its corporate logo

March 8, 2018 — Today, LABCITIES is releasing a new corporate logo, marking the first visual brand update since it launched in 2016.



Adding the TM Forum partnership tagline as part of the brand identity, the logo highlights the integrated cooperation between LABCITIES and the global industry association for digital businesses, with a shared vision to create a better future for our cities by connecting and empowering the smart city and urban innovation ecosystem.

TM Forum acquired a minority stake in LABCITIES in November 2017. While LABCITIES continues to operate as an independent entity, this partnership extends our global network towards the over 90,000 smart city, IoT and digital innovation experts and engineers working at and with TM Forum member companies.

“The strong cooperation between LABCITIES and TM Forum is an essential part of our mission to become the world’s largest smart city business network and marketplace, a collaborative hub for all smart city stakeholders, and a catalyst for smart city projects worldwide.” said Marc Van Steyvoort, CEO at LABCITIES.

The new logo has been rolled out across all LABCITIES digital and physical presence around the world, and this for new and existing services.



LABCITIES is a global marketplace for successful smart city projects connecting talented individuals and organizations from both the smart city supply and demand side. We enable a wide range of companies to showcase and promote their products and services, and we provide networking services to find potential partners or customers for their smart city solutions, connecting vertical projects and communities around the world and allowing tens-of-thousands of smart city experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and crowdsource new urban solutions, digital trends and business models, exchanging learnings to empower the smart city ecosystems worldwide.



Marc Van Steyvoort
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