3 Jul 2018
By Joan Torres

After several months of intense work, LABCITIES is launching Questions & Answers, a crowdsourced knowledge base for smart city lovers and urban innovators to exchange professional expertise across 5 smart city domains:

Government and Society: public administration, smart democracy, open data, civic tech, citizen participation, privacy, etc.
Urban Mobility: public transport, traffic management, ride sharing, autonomous vehicles and smart parking, etc.
Internet of Things: connected home, wearables, smart buildings, monitoring and surveillance, etc.
Sustainability and Environment: smart energy and water, clean tech, waste disposal and recycling, etc.
Smart Economy: sharing economy, finance, retail, travel, art and entertainment, etc.

Questions & Answers is the perfect place for building on knowledge, sharing your viewpoints and opinions with the world's largest smart city community, and being recognized for it.

You can upvote and downvote the best questions and answers to increase their visibility, and also invite other experts to answer your favorite questions by sending them a response request.

As you contribute to the site, an algorithm will automatically calculate your score in each of the above domains of expertise, taking the following data into account:

• Every question posted in the last 6 months
• Every answer posted in the last 6 months
• Every received upvote and downvote, forever
• Every answered question when requested by another user, forever

Thus, by gaining more credibility and prestige in a particular topic, you can reach the following reputation levels and earn a new badge: Novice, Expert, Master, Guru and Thought Leader.

Share your knowledge, show your smart city skills!

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