How to advertise

The LABCITIES website community targets personnel from Government, Telecom Industry, Mobility, City Mayors, ICT Industry, Innovation sectors, Digital Transformation, Commerce, Economy, Transport, Education sectors and Smart City experts in the domains of:

  • Government and Society: public administration, smart democracy, open data, civic tech, citizen participation, privacy, etc.
  • Urban Mobility: public transport, traffic management, ride sharing, autonomous vehicles and smart parking, etc.
  • Internet of Things: connected home, wearables, smart buildings, monitoring and surveillance, etc.
  • Sustainability and Environment: smart energy and water, clean tech, waste disposal and recycling, etc.
  • Smart Economy: sharing economy, fiinance, retail, travel, art and entertainment, etc.

As a neutral member organization, LABCITIES represents over 500 member companies and a network of over 15.000 smart city enthusiasts.

To get more information on the following advertising models, please contact Marc van Steyvoort at


Smart City Topic Side Banner
Price: €500 per 14 days
Size: 220x220 pixels
Format: GIF or JPG


Head banner
Price: €500 per shot
Size: 468x60 pixels
Format: JPG

Middle banner
Price: € 250 per shot
Size: 468x60 pixels
Format: JPG

Omnichannel Smart City, Internet of Things and Innovation Event Campaign

Detail on request
Price: €1500