I'm a senior software engineer interested in lean project management, product development and architectural design.

I’ve built my career on one simple principle: work smarter. I do this by leveraging my extensive technical expertise, business acumen, and innovative thinking, to arrive at real, measurable results.

I'm a highly adaptable person with a strong data-driven vision. I love entrepreneurship and I'm passionate about innovation, smart cities/citizens and disruptive technologies (IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain)

I'm a strategic and analytical problem solver that constantly strives to boost efficiency and productivity.

I help teams of all sizes to build, launch and scale their ICT projects by providing technical, product & strategic advice, focusing on capacity management and performance analysis.

I'm a team builder, open-minded and reliable person. I have extensive international experience working with companies and governments across Europe and the Middle East.

Domains of expertise
Urban Mobility Internet of Things Sustainability and Environment Government and Society Smart Economy


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Joan Torres

Joan Torres

Smart City & Digital Innovation Expert

Barcelona, Spain

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