Actually I am Professor and researcher at the CETT - Tourism, Hospitality and Food services Campus of the University of Barcelona. I am lecturing since 1999 at the EUTDH at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, and has teached also in several Master Programs at CETT at the Universitat de Barcelona, EUTDH and European University of Barcelona.

I was Professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in the Tourism Program teaching Tourist Dstinations, ITC & Tourism, Ecotourism, Service Management, Tourist Destination Management. He is a researcher at the GRATET group at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and at the New Tourism Lab of the Open University of Catalonia. He has finished his PhD Thesis on Knowledge exchange in online social networks. He is doing research also in tourism events and local development and on ICT in tourism destinations.

I have been involved in tourism for a long time, working in the industry and also in the government.
I was coordinator of the network of tourism boards of Catalonia from 1989 until 2005.

During the same period I was in charge for the tourism information services and the e-tourism projects of the Catalan government, designing also and managing the official tourist information portal of Catalonia.

I have participated in several European, aswell as Spanish e-tourism projects, like TIM (Tourism Information and Marketing) or TURINTER.

Specialties: E-tourism, tourism destination management, knowledge management, networking,

Domains of expertise
Urban Mobility Internet of Things Sustainability and Environment Government and Society


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