About Leeuwarden

Why Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018?

2018 offers chances for everyone. Our main goal is participation. Another large item on the agenda is our connection to our surroundings and the rest of Europe. We want to offer everyone a warm welcome and share our experiences. We thrive to reach clearly established goals. Now and in the future.

Everyone is along for the ride
We will gladly make an extra effort for those who cannot automatically participate; children, elders, youth, people with mental or physical disabilities or people with a social disadvantages. They are all part of our ‘mienskip’.

Connected to Europe
Through the organization of our events for 2018, we aim to connect our mienskip to other communities throughout Europe. Just one example of how we do this, is by following the Godwit’s migration over the European continent. In countries where this bird perches, we establish cooperation’s with other local communities, and use art as a tool to raise awareness about problems occurring in our natural environment. We have successfully established collaborations with over 300 partner organizations throughout the European continent. 2018 is the ultimate chance to put Leeuwarden and...


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