About JCI Smart Cities Platform 2017

Do you agree that our cities are facing social, economic and ecological challenges in the future? Do you believe innovation should become a quick reality? In the interest of our cities, the Junior Chamber International will organize a JCI Smart Cities Platform 2017. Based on our JCI philosophy as Young Active Citizens, we recognize today’s societal challenges and we actively seek for sustainable and innovative solutions by taking on responsibility and personal commitments. Our goal is to create a positive long term impact on society. The JCI Smart Cities platform gives companies the opportunity to present their ideas, concepts and/or make prototypes in seven strategic areas (Smart Energy, Smart Living, Smart Food, Smart Mobility, Smart Governance, Smart Citizens and Smart Economy) and test these with citizens, students, academics and businesses. The results of the first workshops in May 2016, in which we let different stakeholders work around one of the smart-domains, will be developed into a prototype and/or concept by each partner and demonstrated on the JCI National Convention 2017: 'Tomorrow Ghent', where we in addition to citizens of Ghent, JCI members, and companies also will invite all Belgian city and municipal governments in order to give you the opportunity not only to make a positive impact but also to create business.

Domains of expertise
Urban Mobility Internet of Things Sustainability and Environment Government and Society Smart Economy


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JCI Smart Cities Platform 2017

JCI Smart Cities Platform 2017

Non profit

Ghent, Belgium

1-3 employees

Founded on 2015

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Roger Moreira Resina
Roger Moreira Resina
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