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Throughout the last 4 decades Lomas de Cocoyoc has showcased how large-scale private developments can evolve to become self-sustainable, modular communities. Its lean and integrated approach to community services has provided its citizens with a quality of life whose affordability remains unmatched. In turn, its combination of efficient and effective governance has nurtured the groundwork where an ecosystem of startups and business can now flourish and foster the community’s capacity for innovation and growth.

At the same time, its independence from government funds, operational autonomy, environmental sustainability, community engagement, lean methodologies, and integrated services has yielded a set of newfound capabilities that remain unique to its model – one that is well suited for adoption in a wide spectrum of economic and political environments worldwide.

Ultimately, Lomas de Cocoyoc has pioneered an urban development framework that is proving to be a leading contender to face the vast and unpredictable challenges of the XXI century. In the coming years, Lomas de Cocoyoc will continue to advance and share its framework so that, with the contributions of individuals and organizations across the globe, a new urban development paradigm can arise that presents humanity with a better tomorrow for all.

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Urban Mobility Internet of Things Sustainability and Environment Government and Society Smart Economy


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Lomas de Cocoyoc

Lomas de Cocoyoc

City government


25,000 inhabitants

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Pedro Rivera Torres Moir
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