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Located in the south of Santa Catarina, Brazil, Tubarão has a strategic position Tubarão the main cities of the South of Brazil, being (i) 140 km away from the capital Florianópolis, (ii)320 km away from Porto Alegre, and (iii) 420 km away from Curitiba. These cities are the three most relevant cities in the south of the country. In addition to the road aspect, another highlight of the location is the port and airport infrastructure.

In connection with the foregoing, Tubarão is close to three different airports, as follows: (i) is located 21 km from the Jaguaruna airport, (ii) the Florianópolis airport is 131 km away from Tubarão, and (iii) the city is 225 km away from Navegantes airport. This allows Tubarão to have connections with the main hubs of Brazil.

On the other hand, from a port infrastructure point of view, Tubarão is close to several ports such as (i) the Port of Imbituba (48 km), (ii) the Port of Itajaí (206 km), (iii)the Port of Navegantes (225 km), (iv) the Port of São Francisco do Sul (225 km), and (v) the Port of Itapoá (225 km). These are among the main Brazilian ports.

The economy of the city has been outstanding, both, at the state and national level...


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