About Disruptive Broadcasting Technology

CDNZOO is the replacement of all Content Distribution Networks by the internet user‘s overcapacity on their internet connections at home. We all become world largest content distribution network, by sharing our internet over-capacity.

CDNZOO offers everyone on the internet the chance to acts as a “peer” of a virtual CDN network ,

CDNZOO offers this CDN services to paying customers (content providers) and shares a large percentage of that revenue with the active contributors of the virtual CDN network.

CDNZOO is the first global digital content distribution sharing economy player

Domains of expertise
Smart Economy


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Disruptive Broadcasting Technology

Disruptive Broadcasting Technology

Service provider

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1-3 employees

Founded on 2015

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Marc Van Steyvoort
Marc Van Steyvoort
Co-Founder and VP Content