Srikanth Peddibhotla
3 months ago
Srikanth Peddibhotla Novice
Founder Happicites Labs, Futurism

4. Crowd funding - Instead of paying 100% taxes, everyone should pay minimum taxes to cover only the national level basic things like defense, justice, law & order, healthcare
and education/skill development etc.
For any other expense like developing infrastructure etc, there needs to be a system
where people (via app) decide what they want, and raise funds for it via crowd funding,
Example: Say local residents of a county feel the need to widen the road or build a flyover.Using the app, they get consensus among themselves to green lit the project. They raise funds via crowd funding and the funders get a stake in the project. The private companies and contractors bid for the project just like in current government style and process.The revenue generated by the infrastructure is shared as dividend to the crowd funders. Pretty much the model I'm trying to use for Project HappiCities.

Basically, democracy 2.0 means moving some of the decision and execution powers to private people instead of only government.