Roger Moreira Resina
2 months ago
Roger Moreira Resina Novice
Independent Professional

We, as members of JCI, operate on 4 different areas, each and every single one of them being a corner stone of our personality.

- Personal Development
JCI offers a wide range of training, High-Level-oriented coaching, personal development, project management …
- Business experience
JCI members, being entrepreneurs or displaying a wide range of entrepreneurial capacities, operate in the heart of the business communities and provide each other with the opportunity to develop their business experience – learning by doing, and to network with successful business leaders. JCI members can learn and grow by participating in a variety of projects to master the role of managers, visionaries and coaches.
- Internationalism
Through international conferences, exchange programs, twinning between chapters, JCI provides opportunities for global development through interregional and international cooperation.
- Organization of choice
The aim is to provide opportunities to develop community responsibility and have an important role in helping create positive change through involvement in civic and community projects. Junior Chamber’s participation in the community is central to the mission and vision.
Or, as our 2008 JCI President Graham Hanlon (JCI Ireland) put it in his Plan of Action:
"JCI will espouse at every level, the importance of active citizenship, the importance of young people being engaged in the society in which they live. JCI can therefore position itself as the one true voice of young leaders in society. Consequently, JCI is in a unique position to become the organization of choice for governmental and or non governmental organizations to consult when they wish to know the view of young leaders and entrepreneurs in society".