10 months ago
By Joan Torres

Many US citizens and government officials are excited about the prospect of smart cities, but they also have concerns about issues such as paying for these initiatives, ensuring cybersecurity and privacy, and addressing a lack of needed technology skills.

That's according to a new study from technology industry association CompTIA, which surveyed 1,000 US households and 350 government officials on their awareness and interest in the concept of smart communities.

The report, "Building Smarter Cities and Communities," said six in 10 citizens would be interested in living in a smart city, although only 26 percent said they are familiar with the smart city concept. Sixty percent would support a ballot initiative involving smart city initiatives in their community.

Improved public Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity; monitoring of air quality; better water resource management; energy efficiency; and disaster monitoring and response are among the smart city use cases citizens are most interested in, according to the study.