8 months ago
By Joan Torres

Award-winning smart parking app, EasyPark, have released the 2017 Smart City Index, revealing Copenhagen, Denmark as the smartest city, followed by Singapore, and Swedish city Stockholm. Creating technology which is designed to make people’s lives easier, EasyPark’s ambition is to help build more livable cities for the future. They undertook this study not only to highlight those metropolises which are on the forefront of smart urban growth, but also to learn from those cities which are showing impressive acceleration towards making life smoother for their citizens through digitalization.

To start the study, EasyPark first created a list of 500 carefully selected cities*. They were then analysed for 19 factors aiming to define what makes a city ‘smart’, beginning with digitalization—meaning 4G, high-speed internet and high smartphone penetration. Next, they looked into transport and mobility, which should be knowledge-based with smart parking, traffic sensors and car sharing apps. A smart city should also be sustainable, with a focus on clean energy and environmental protection. Lastly, there should be excellent online access to governmental services and a high level of citizen participation. All of these factors, and more, were then analysed to determine the final index of 100 cities. To round off the study and add a human element, the research team then asked 20,000 technology and urban planning journalists to rate how smart their cities are.