James Bell
9 months ago
James Bell
Smart City Expert

Revolution in technology and industries in the past decades lead to a new debate among the world leaders on ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’. The debate still remains open and on with questions like ‘who is responsible’, ‘to what extent these problems are man-made’ and ‘what can be done to get rid of the crisis’. Here, let us skip the first two questions (as they are really not as important as the solution) and focus on what should be done to overcome the adverse environmental crisis on our planet.

Though at the regional level the effects of global warming are not clearly visible, at the global level it is accelerating faster than humans can handle. With the trend creeping ahead from past 50 years, the hottest years in the history were recorded since 1990. Considering what the scientists have to say, if the emissions responsible for global warming are not stopped from increasing ‘now’, the average global temperatures can rise from 3 to 9 degrees in the later years of 21st century – we all know it will lead to rise in sea level, drought, rising storms, flooding, wildfire, and heating up of ocean currents affecting the human life with most dangerous outcomes. We need to act now by understanding how we need to begin and in which direction.