7 months ago
By Joan Torres

Since about 2010, state and local governments have poured time, money and resources into publishing data sets and building portals to facilitate access to this wealth of information.

Are these open data initiatives succeeding?

Well, that depends a lot on your definition of success. If transparency alone is the goal, success might lie in the sheer number of available data sets. Some say open data should deliver more, that it should drive economic benefits, enhance public trust, boost government performance.

These are issues worth considering, as the first decade of open data turns into the home stretch:

· What are the stated goals of open data?
· How are governments measuring success?
· How is the evolving role of the data officer helping to drive ROI on open data?
· And, finally, is it working?

Answers begin to emerge when we consider the goals of open data. What is it actually supposed to be doing?