Harumi Yoshikai
7 months ago
Harumi Yoshikai
Smart City Expert

There are many reasons why cities look to be ‘smart, from the growth and aging of the population, the growing concern for the environment, the advance in technological innovations, or the increased expectations of citizens regarding public services.
In this article we discuss some of the main challenges that city leaders must face when they decide to turn their city into a smart city.
1. The desire for a standard city model
Cities vary enormously in their characteristics and objectives, each one has its own economic, social, political and technological context with a different level of maturity, which requires very specific actions. This makes the application of a single model very difficult.
Each individual municipality or city must instead have its own strategic plan, or at least an idea about the model and objectives they want to be achieved. The services or areas of activity that are priorities must be identified, their degree of digitization must be evaluated and the KPIs of...

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