7 months ago
By Joan Torres

Tech titans are eager to reimagine how we will travel in the coming decades, but whose vision will win out?

Last week Elon Musk and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi got in a back-and-forth on Twitter over whether flying cars will be the next big thing in transportation. Musk was responding to Khosrowshahi’s reported claim that the technology would make it unnecessary to dig tunnels for a Hyperloop—Musk’s vision of passenger pods flying through vacuum tubes at hundreds of miles per hour.

The Tesla and SpaceX founder pointed out the noise and potential eyesore widespread use of flying cars would cause. Khosrowshahi, whose company is pushing flying cars with its Elevate initiative, responded by saying improved batteries and multiple smaller rotors would reduce both noise and pollution.

Both of their visions for the future of transport are still very much in the concept phase, but the spat raises the interesting question: Which is the more compelling?