Bart Gorynski
4 months ago
Bart Gorynski
Smartivist | @bee smart city

The City of Espoo was awarded 'Intelligent Community of the Year 2018' at ICF Summit in London. Espoo is the first European City to receive this award. Congratulations!

Espoo has solidly grasped the need for collaboration in its smart city solutions. It involves all stakeholders at all levels to ensure a citizen-centric model for innovation.

Second in size to Helsinki and its neighbor on Finland’s southern coast, Espoo boasts a population of around 270,000 people – a significant increase from the 22,000 who called it home just a generation ago. Having transformed from a regional municipality into an industrial city with a large number of residents working in electronics and engineering, Espoo is now being recognized for its developments as an intelligent community.

It certainly has a strong basis for the generation and application of smart city solutions, with its focus on citizen access to enabling technologies. The spread of mobile broadband access, for example, was support...

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