Bart Gorynski
2 weeks ago
Bart Gorynski
Smartivist | @bee smart city

bee smart city and Labcities merge to form the world’s largest solution- and product-based smart city business network and community, representing a new kind of platform for all smart city market actors, with already more than 10,000 members from 150 countries. Through joining forces under the brand of bee smart city, the smart city platform and community grows to more than 1,500 registered companies, 600+ cities and communities, more than 500 smart city solutions and a total reach of 300,000+ smart city actors, globally.

The common vision of the merging platforms is to simplify smart city business to accelerate the development of smarter cities and communities across the globe by efficiently connecting smart city experts, governments and solution providers to share best practice solutions and products, to initiate new partnerships and smart city projects and to exchange lessons learned and knowledge.

The activities of Labcities will be integrated into the bee smart city solution...

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